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Jan 23, 2001

Well a big HELLO to all the peeps out there!
As you might have noticed I havn't posted in 4ever! And no I'm not dead!

Although the way I have felt the past couple weeks I wish I was lol! This cold
is really taking it's toll on me. But i am beginnig to feel mush better. EEK EXAMS!
Shitzorz... well I better go study....ALOT!

Just a question..but how much time do you
think it'll take someone who hasn't paied attention in class for about..... ohh all year?
Well better get to it.

Later guys! ;)

  Meiyo Neko
Feb 19, 2002

Those funny ol' keenspace people have all changed around the forums, but now their back up and better than ever! All the links on our site are updated so update your bookmarks and we can pretend that this never happened! ooooh spooky!

The new forum is here.

Feb 18, 2002

Since not that much has been happening here I'll show you guys this awesome fanart from Anthony Mah. This one is resized to the comic's demensions, so go to the gallery page to see the full sized one.


  Fragile Enugu
Jan 14, 2002

Hey all! Ed here! Some big things going down at The Meadow Nova. We had our first Guest Strip today. Jono had a project due Monday so he couldn't do the strip. So expect some wickedness this Wednesday. As you've noticed, we've introduced Jo, the sassy MISS agent who's not afraid to crack some noggins!!! WORD!!!!

Jono did a guest strip for Nice Guys Finish Last recently, his second Guest Strip! How cool is that?!

What's new on the Ed Front? I'm hooked on As Friends Rust, they're a punk band from Florida and they kick some SERIOUS ass!!! On that note… ironically, I have Drops of Jupiter by Train stuck in my head right now, which is definitely nothing like AFR.

Well, Ed's tune of the day is 'The First Song on the Tape You Make Her' by As Friends Rust-of course.

Later All!